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 The Village of Mealsgate in Cumbria 

Mealsgate is a small hamlet bisected by the A595 and situated between Cockermouth and Carlisle.

 The village is marked on the interactive map below. By switching to Satellite and zooming in one can pick out individual properties.


a  new website administered by local Fletchertown archivist, Mick Jane.

The old-time photographs of Mealsgate and its environs have been acquired over time from numerous sources. A number of them were given to a friend on CDR by a gentleman who lives in Cockermouth. Many of these old pictures have passed from hand to hand and I suspect some come from the collection of Mr & Mrs Marr, Mealsgate residents, who have an extensive knowledge of the local history of the area. Indeed, I believe that Mrs Marr's family once lived in The Old Post Office.

I should like to thank all those who have contributed pictures to enhance this website. Should you have interesting photographs relating to Mealsgate which you are able to send scans of, I should be delighted to consider them for inclusion on this site. I am particularly interested in obtaining pictures taken INSIDE The George Memorial Hall when it was being used as a Club. If I have inadvertently used a picture ón which you own copyright and to which non-commercial use you object please contact me and I shall, of course, remove it. EMAIL




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