Local Workers in times past 

In addition to agriculture people were employed in the AllHallows Colliery and on The Railway. There was a Coal Agent, a Smithy, an important Post Office and a large public house, The Appletree Inn and a large branch of the Aspatria Industrial Co-operative Society in Mealsgate as well as a shop in Fletchertown.


I think this shows the erection of the Fletchertown Community Centre, "The Hut" as it was known.

Now demolished, the site has been re-developed with housing.

Locals outside The Apple Tree Inn circa 1914 - Note soldier top left


The man holding the bucket (centre) is James Easterbrook who was married to Jane Lowther. He was the grandfather of Julie Edgar who has kindly provided information about these old photographs.

The Community Centre is now housed in the Old School building.

Playing marbles in Fletchertown

Second on the right of the figure rolling the marble is William Lowther who died in the mine in 1913 leaving a wife, Annie and four young children, one of whom, Jane, was the wife of James  Easterbrook pictured above, helping with the construction of The Hut. 

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