The Parkin-Moore Family 

William Parkin (the younger) was the son of William Parkin (Senior) of Blaithwaite, Wigton. His mother was Miss Barnes (born 1832), the daughter of George Moore's oldest sister Mary (born 1808) and her husband, Joseph Barnes. On the death of George Moore in 1876, William Parkin (the younger), aged just 11 years, became the prospective owner of Whitehall, its Estates and a considerable inheritance under the terms of his great uncle's Will. He was to realise this inheritance on reaching the age of twenty-one and under the terms of the will he was to adopt the surname Moore and so he became William Parkin-Moore. William Parkin Moore was  twice married. His first wife was Lucy J. C. Cranage (born 1880) by whom he had three children, George Parkin-Moore (born 1903, died 1935), Lucy Agnes Parkin-Moore and Eleanor Parkin-Moore. His second wife was Miss Gordon by whom he had two children Alexander W. Parkin-Moore and Erica Parkin-Moore.

George Parkin-Moore married Grace Arnold and they had a daughter and a son who was named William Arnold Parkin-Moore (born 1935) who died in a canoeing accident on Buttermere Lake during the summer of 1974. He was survived by his wife, Susan, and their son, David Parkin-Moore (born 1968).



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