This page comprises an index of names of many of those people referred to directly or related to persons mentioned on this site.  

By clicking on a name you will be able to find some basic information about that person. These links may take you to a Rootsweb.ancestory website compiled and maintained by Andrew Gough who himself has family links with some of those people listed below. Please use the back-button on your browser to return to

This section of the website is under construction and is far from complete at this stage. More names can be found by visiting The Family Tree.

George Moore of Mealsgate Whitehall & London (1806-1876)

Eliza Flint Moore nee Ray (1815-1858) George Moore's first wife

Agnes Jane Moore nee Breeks (1833-1888) George Moore's second wife

Thomas Moore of Mealsgate (1802-1883) George Moore's older brother

John Moore of Mealsgate (1765-1840) George Moore's father

Peggy Moore nee Lowes (1773-1812) George Moore's mother

Thomas Moore of Mealsgate (1732-1811) George Moore's Grandfather

Thomas Moore of Overgates (Abt 1697/98-1742) George Moore's Great Grandfather

George Moore of Overgates (d 1725) George Moore's Great Great Grandfather

Mrs Charlotte Deans nee Lowes aka Mrs Johnston (1768-1859) George Moore's first cousin once removed

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