Convalescent Home in Silloth

George Moore gave financial support to the provision of this Convalescent Home in Silloth. The building still stands today. Silloth paid tribute to George Moore after his death in 1876. On October 6th 1883 a peal of eight bells rang for the first time and on August 8th 1884 the George Moore Memorial Clock was installed in Christ Church, Silloth.

Convalescent Hospital, Silloth


There were a great many things that George Moore still wished to do for Cumberland, and some of them had scarcely as yet begun. Amongst those in which he took part that year was the enlargement of the Convalescent Hospital at Silloth. Some years before, he had sent an anonymous gift of £250 towards the hospital, but now he desired to take a more prominent part in the proceedings. On the 8th August 1872 he took the chair at the general meeting of the Society. The Convalescent Hospital owed its existence and success to the exertions and fostering care of the Rev. Chancellor Burton of Carlisle. The hospital stand on a grassy bank of the Solway, with pleasant slopes running down to the water. It is the choicest spot in all Silloth for situation. Besides having all the day's sunshine, it is sheltered by a rising ground from the boisterous south-west gales. The building is one storied, simple and unpretending in appearance, but suggesting comfort and snugness. It was not thought necessary to have men and women completely separated. They have separate tables for food, but can meet in the walks and on the grassy slopes, and can chat together on the seats in the grounds overlooking the Solway. Mr Moore was at this time proposing to establish a convalescent home at Littlehampton, and he always quoted Silloth Home as the model that he would like to follow. In 1874 Mrs Moore gave £1,650 for the purpose of enlarging the convalescent hospital at Silloth.

This year (2012) is the 150th anniversary of the Silloth Convalescent Institute and Mr & Mrs George Moore's generosity will be remembered as the Silloth Nursing Home celebrates this landmark. They still have in use to this day the Bible which George Moore donated to the Institute on 3rd August 1874 and Jean Fearon, Secretary to the Trustees, has very kindly provided me with a scan of the frontispiece from the bible for inclusion on this website.

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