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Fellow George Moore enthusiast, Mick Jane .

Mick Jane is an amateur local historian living in Fletchertown and responsible for collating the archive material held in The Fletchertown Community Centre housed in the building which was formerly The AllHallows School. To raise funds for The Community Centre  he has produced several local history exhibitions in the Community Centre and has produced a number of interesting paperback booklets including four about George Moore and one about AllHallows School in Fletchertown which was one of a number of schools that received some financial support from George Moore. The name of George Moore is still affectionately remembered in this part of Cumbria and held in some esteem. Mick Jane originally produced these booklets for sale in the parish and surrounding areas as he felt local people, especially those visiting the local history exhibitions in the Community Centre, might appreciate reading more about the information he had researched. The booklet entitled 'AllHallows the story of a Parish' is based on a recently discovered scrapbook of work undertaken by pupils at the school more than half a century ago. Mick has rently written a further booklet entitled 'The History of Allhallows School' which deals with the changing fortunes of the School from the time it opened in 1855 up to its closure in 1990. 

Another of Mick Jane's recent publications is a booklet about the history of Fletchertown from 1874 to the present day and tells something of how the place got its name, who the Fletchers were, their connection with the railway and how the mine came to be sited in the location it was built.

Mick's recent booklet, Number 6, entitled 'Soldiers from Allhallows : Local Heroes of the First World War' was inspired by letters home from the War written by Leonard and Walter Ewbank, which were given to Allhallows Community Centre's Archive by Fletchertown resident, Joan Armstrong. Mick has followed up on the success of this publication by re-publishing the moving wartime letters written by the Ewbank brothers between 1915 and 1917 in a further booklet.  This booklet is a fascinating read and especially pertinent at this time with the advent shortly of the hundredth anniversary of the start of The Great War. These letters give a real insight into the thinking and attitudes of two brave young men who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. They were two sons of Rev. John and Mrs Julia Helen Ewbank of The Rectory at Bolton Gate. Mrs Ewbank was the daughter of a well-known Cockermouth solicitor by the name of Benson who operated in latter half of the C19th.

Two other quite recently produced booklets deal with the History of Whitehall from the 13th Century to the present day and the disposal of the Whitehall Estate and the death in 1937 of Mr William Parkin-Moore who had inherited the Whitehall Estate from his great uncle, George Moore. Now available, hot off the press, after the its controversial closure in December 2011, is a booklet entitled 'Memories of 150 years of Welton Primary School'. By means of the internet, Mick is now able to offer all of these little booklets (and others he has written) for sale to a wider audience. In so doing, he raises much-needed funds for The Fletchertown Archive and also finances more research to further the Archive.


Mick Jane now has his own website and full details of all his publications are available on the site and can now be purchased directly from him on-line through his website.


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