Extracts from the Minute Book transcribed by Mick Jane

George Moore Memorial Hall


February 4th 1884

Members of Committee present:-

Messrs. Martin, Newbold, Penn and Lawson.

A communication received from Mr. T. Rigg was read and the fixing of the date for his Entertainment was left in his hands.

This was the only business of importance further than arranging for T.H. Ingham’s? lecture

Tom P. Martin

March 3rd 1884

Committee Meeting at 7 o’clock pm.

Present:- Messrs. Martin, Newbold, Lattimer, Penn, Banks and Lawson.

Resolved. That 100 tickets front seats, and 200 Back seat tickets be printed.

Mr. T. Riggs Entertainment was defiantly fixed for Friday March 14th.

Resolved. That refreshments be provided for Mr. Rigg and his friends.

Resolved. That Mr. Lattimer give an estimate for filling up the West Wall of Library with Book Shelves and the Secretary communicate with the Trustees on the subject.

Resolved. That steps be taken for convening the Flower Show Committee and commencing the arrangements for the next Show.

Tom P. Martin

March 31st 1884

Committee Meeting held preparatory to the Ordinary Quarterly Meeting.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Penn, Lattimer, Newbold, Lawson and Banks.

The Committee prepared a Balance sheet from the Treasurers Books to submit to the Members.

A fair attendance of Members present at the Quarterly Meeting.

The Balance Sheet from the last Flower Show was submitted and passed.

The Old committee was reappointed and some additions made to the Members- Mr. P. Lawson was appointed Secretary to the Show committee and Mr. John Potter the Treasurer.

It was agreed the Committee do not meet in April.

Tom P. Martin.

May 5th 1884

Meeting of the Committee on Monday Evening.

Present. Messrs:- Martin, Banks, Penn, Lawson and Lattimer.

Mr. Lattimer in compliance with the request of the Committee submitted his tender for a New Book Case. The amount named £12.

Payment of a/cs. The Treasurer was instructed to pay Mr. Lattimer’s account rendered, also one for Advertising Mr. Rigg’s Entertainment.

Mr. Newbold in consequence of his leaving the neiborohood tendered his resignation. The Committee in accepting the same instructed the Secretary to convey the thanks of the Committee etc. to him for his past services and an expression of their good wishes for his future prosperity.

Resolved. That no charge be made of Mr. Hoodless of Wigton for his use of the Lecture Room last April.

Tom P. Martin.


The only business at the beginning of July being connected with the Flower Show.

The Ordinary Committee did not meet.

September 29th 1884

The Flower Show was held on the 4th Inst. and was fairly successful.

Arrangements were made for the Winter’s series of Lectures. Several names were submitted and the Secretary was instructed to write to them. The first lecture to be given in October if a lecturer can be obtained.

Three Members of the Committee retiring according to Rule the following nominated were made by the Members:- Mr. Martin, Mr. Lattimer, Mr. Jacob Routledge, Mr. Jno. Potter, Mr. Jas. Bland and Mr. T. Jackson.

The election results in the following order:-

Mr. T.P. Martin 17 votes

Mr. Lattimer 13 votes

And Mr. Jas. Bland at the end of the third ballot was elected receiving 8 votes.

The attendance at the Meeting was good and the increasing interest manifested in the prosperity of the Institution. The Papers sold a trifle better than the last Quarter.

The Members newly elected on the Committee took their places when it was deemed un-necessary to meet at the beginning of October. The only business being connected with the Lectures and it was left in the hands of Mr. Martin and the Secretary.

Tom P. Martin.

November 3rd 1884

Ordinary Meeting of the Committee.

Resolved. That Mr. P. Lawson and Mr. Jas. Bland be requested to sell tickets etc. for the Lectures.

Resolved. That a supply of Fire wood be obtained for the Custodian.

Vote of Condolence to Mrs. Fawcett. Acting on a suggestion of Mrs. G. Moore the Secretary conferred with Mr. Martin respecting the sending of a letter of condolence to Mrs. Fawcett on the occasion of the death of the late Prof. Fawcett. Post Master General.

The following is a copy.


By Carlisle

Nov. 12th 1884

Dear Madam,

I am requested by the Committee of the George Moore Memorial Hall to express their sympathy with you in the great loss of your beloved husband.

Mr. Fawcett’s kindness to their own and similar Institutions the Committee feel sure will course his name ever to be remembered as one who had the welfare of the working classes at heart.

He had earned and received their admiration, and his career was followed by their warmest wishes; and his death so unexpected and sudden has carried sorrow to the hearts of all hear.

Believe me Dear Madam,

Yours very truly

Tom P. Martin

Chairman of the Committee.

On behalf of the George Moore Memorial Hall.

To Mrs. Fawcett.

Tom P. Martin.


December 29th 1884

Committee Meeting held Dec. 29th 1884.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Lattimer, Lawson, Barnes, Penn, Bland and J. Potter.

Committee examined a/cs. and prepared a statement to submit to the Members at the Quarterly Meeting to follow.

Quarterly Meeting of Members held. Mr. Martin in the Chair. Attendance fairly good and papers sold at better prices.

Tom P. Martin.

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