Below you can read extracts from the Allhallows School Log Book which refer to George Moore and in bold type events taking place in The George Moore Memorial Hall. This list of extracts was kindly compiled by local amateur historian, Mick Jane. Click here to read press reports of some events that took place within the Memorial Hall in times past.

George Moore’s Memorial Hall

1893 Nov. 3rd Friday 1893

Exhibition of Industrial Art held in the George Moore Memorial Hall during the


1894 June 12th – Tuesday

Mr. Parkin-Moore's Tea Party at Memorial Hall-Sunday School.

1895 Aug. 26th Monday

This day commenced a Penny Bank taking over the deposits of the “Memorial

Hall Sunday School Penny Bank”- A number of the children brought deposits.


Dear Sir

We are having our tea this afternoon for the children in connection with the

Memorial Hall Sunday School, and as many of them don’t want to miss their

attendance at school would you kindly let them out earlier, we have fixed for them

meeting at the Hall about 3 o’clock. If you can do so I shall esteem it a great favour.

I am Sir your faithfully

W. Parkin

1908 Nov. 2nd

Cookery Class for girls commenced this afternoon at the George Moore

Memorial Hall. 18 present.

1910 Feb. 23rd

Left school at charge of Mr. Charters to attend an inquest at the

Memorial Hall and returned at 1.50p.m.

1912 May 13th

Received from Mr. H. Studholme Cartmell, Clerk of the Governors of the George

 Moore Education Trust, 50 copies of the Regulations of the Mary Mitchell

Scholarship for distribution among eligible children.

1913 Aug. 11th

Received notice from George Moore Education “Trust” that Cicely Clara Rickerby

 had been granted a Mary Mitchell Scholarship of Ten pounds.

1915 Aug. 9th

Received notice that Matthew Head and Thomas Temple had been awarded Mary

 Mitchell Scholarships of Five pounds a year for three years, and also that Wilfred

 Graham Hewson as proxime accessed in the George Moore Exhibition Exam.

1918 Aug. 1st

Received notice that Joseph C. Temple has been awarded a Mary Mitchell

Scholarship of Ten pounds a year for three years by the George Moore Education


1919 July 30th

Received notice that Margaret Elliot has been awarded a Mary Mitchell Scholarship

 of twelve pounds a year, and that the Scholarship held by Joseph Temple and Nancy

 Strong have each been increased to £12 a year.

1920 Aug. 16th

Notice has been received that Martha Strong has been awarded a County Minor

Scholarship. Walter Steele and Jonathon Temple Free places at Nelson School and

Alfred Stalker a Mary Mitchell Scholarship of £12 a year.

1921 July 23rd

A Mary Mitchell Scholarship of £12 a year has been awarded by the George Moore

 Educational Trust to Elizabeth Elliot.

1923 June 19th

Closed school at 3p.m to allow the children to go to an exhibition on Palestine

with lecture in the Memorial Hall.

1924 Aug. 18th

Received notice that John Newlands has been awarded a Mary Mitchell Scholarship.

1933 Oct. 3rd

First meeting of the Domestic Science Class will be held today at the Memorial

 Hall, Mealsgate. Sixteen names have been sent to the Domestic Science Teacher,

 (Miss Evens). Fourteen of these girls are present this morning.

1937 Aug. 16th

During the holidays I was informed that Elizabeth C. Bird had been awarded a George

Moore Scholarship, and that Joan E. Bryson had been awarded the Mary Mitchell


1941 July 21st

Notified by the Clerk to the Governors of the George Moore Education Trust that

 Joseph Y. Fisher has been awarded a George Moore Scholarship.

1949 Dec. 20th

The School Concert was held in the Memorial Hall at 7p.m. before a large and

 appreciative audience.



Nov. 23rd  Seniors scholars under Mr Johnston visited the mansion of Whitehall in

 connection with Local Studies

Dec. 22nd

A successful school concert was held in Memorial Hall last night. Proceeds

 amounted to just over £5 being added to School Funds.

1952 Dec. 17th

School Concert was held in Memorial Hall and was a big success. An amount of

£14 added to the school fund.

1953 Dec. 16th

School concert was held in Memorial Hall tonight and realised almost £10 for the

 school funds.

1955 Jan. 12th

The postponed School Concert was held this evening in the Memorial Hall,

 realising almost £7.

Dec. 16th

Annual School Concert will be held in Memorial Hall tonight at 7p.m. £9.0.6

 proceeds in aid of School Funds.

1957 July 8th

Heard and later confirmed by phoning P.C. Forrester, the tragic news, that a boy in

 the Senior class due to leave after the summer holidays had been

 found hanging by the neck in one of the barns on the farm where he lives. It was

presumed that this fatal accident occurred on Sunday afternoon when he was playing

 by himself in the barn.

Two police officers visited me in the School to build up a picture of the last few weeks

 in the boy's life. I was the only person questioned and could recall no reason,

 incident, observation on even rumour which could have any bearing on the tragic


No child in School was questioned by the police or was any request made to do so.

I made out a brief report on the boys attainment and general conduct in school for the

 attention of the Governor.


With three Senior boys and three Senior girls I attended the funeral  at Wigton



I attended the Inquest  held at 3p.m. at the Memorial Hall,  Mealsgate.

The Jury brought in a verdict of accidental death.

It was stressed by the Medical specialist how easily a paralysed? state can set in

if pressure is put about the base of the neck, so much so that no attempt can be

made to help oneself. This he pointed out had caused the death of many young

children, and the death of many adolescents who may have been experimenting

without any intention of taking their own life.

I asked permission to make this known to the school children as it increased the

danger from rope playing.

1959 June 26th

The day has been given as an occasional holiday by the Managers-as George Moore

 Day, to commemorate the founder of this school and benefactor to this and the

 neighbouring Parish of Bolton Gate. George Moore born at Mealsgate and later lived

 at Whitehall. It is hoped to be this Day every year.

Oct 3rd

The Mary Mitchell Award has been granted to Robert Michael Rumney now at

 Nelson Thomlinson School.

George Moore has also been awarded to him for one year, and to be considered for

future years.

1960 July 14th

The following day 15th July was given as a holiday in commemoration of George Moore.

1961 July 21st

School Prize Giving:- Prizes come from Managers Fund, “George Moore”, Brook

Bond Prizes given, Masters Prize given by the Headmaster. The Managers Prize is

 now to be taken from the Moore Fund and will be known as-The Allhallows Merit

 Prize. This year it was awarded to Margaret Scott. The Masters Prize went to Keith

 Irving as a mark of progress he has been making.

The Prizes were presented by Mrs Rigg the wife of the Vicar.

Marion Armstrong was recommended for the Mary Mitchell Award.

1963 July 17th

This day was taken as a holiday-George Moore Day.

1970 May 8th

Both Scout and Brownie Packs flourishing, George Moore Memorial Hall to be

their base.

1979 June 14th

Music Workshop-based on the Ballad of Whitehall and Harby Brow.

1984 March 22nd

A.S.A. meeting-money raised by A.S.A. functions to go to buy a Belling Baby Cooker

 to be used by Infants, Juniors and nursery.

(A.S.A.-Allhallows School Association)


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