George Moore's London Mansion  - No 15 Kensington Palace Gardens

The road was originally called the Queens Road and was re-named Kensington Palace Gardens around 1870 when plane trees were planted in the avenue. Click  Aerial  for a bird's eye view of the property as it is now and then use the back button on your browser to return to this site.


In July 1854  George Moore agreed to the purchase of the leasehold of a double plot in the Queens Road on condition that he be allowed to build a single house with stable block at a cost of about £10,000. The house was built by Lucas brothers and Stevens of Lambeth, work commencing in December 1854 and being completed during the following year although George Moore didn't move in until 1856.

Full details of the mansion that George Moore commissioned can be found on The British History on line website by clicking here.  

This link will take you to a page containing information about all of the properties that were built in the Queens Road and you will have to scroll down to find the part that relates to No 15 Kensington Palace Gardens. I had hoped to copy and paste the relevant section on that page, with a suitable acknowledgement, but disappointingly London University who administer the British History on line website regarded that as an infringement of copyright. Hence, the best I can do is provide a link to the detailed information they provide on their site.  

This information comes from 'The Crown estate in Kensington Palace Gardens: Individual buildings', Survey of London: volume 37: Northern Kensington (1973).


History of the Area  :  George Moore's neighbours  :  Later Occupancy 

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