Prize Day at Bothel Grammar

Report in the Carlisle Patriot September 1st 1855.

The scholars attending this school were examined on Wednesday, the 22nd ult., in the presence of:

Rev. Thomas THEXTON, vicar
Rev. Joshua CLARK of Uldale
Rev. John SHERWEN, of Bolton
Rev. John BRUNSKILL, of All Hallows
Joseph RAILTON, Esq., of Snittlegarth
John BOUCH, Esq., of Ireby, accompanied by their respective families and
George MOORE, Esq., and Mrs. MOORE, of Bow Churchyard, London.

The schoolhouse was gaily decorated with flowers for the occasion. The examination reflected great credit on the scholars and their teacher. . Mr MOORE presented the prize books to several of them according to their respective merits. He then addressed them at some length on the great advantages of a good English education, and commented, in forcible terms, on the duties which belonged to their age and station.

They were then, to the number upwards of 100, treated by him to an abundant repast of excellent tea and fruit-cake, which they seemed to enjoy with considerable zest. This being done, they repaired to an adjoining field to contend in rural sports for small prizes plentifully supplied by Mrs. MOORE.

Three hearty cheers followed by another, having been given for Queen Victoria, and three for Mr. MOORE for his kind treat, the company separated

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